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Breville Infuser vs Krups XP5280

Semi-Automatic | 61 fl. oz | Commercial Steam Wand | PID

Breville Infuser

Manual | 37 fl. oz | Pannarello Steam Wand

Krups Espresso XP5280

Breville Infuser vs Krups Espresso XP5280 Features Overview

In this comparison review, we will be comparing two popular espresso machines the Breville Infuser and the Krups Espresso XP5280. Here we list both machines main features before getting into our in-depth side by side comparison.

Breville Infuser Key Specs

  • Pre-infusion function
  • 1600w thermocoil heating system
  • 15 bar Italian pump provides complete volumetric control
  • PID temperature control that delivers water at precisely the right temperature

Krups Espresso XP5280 Key Specs

  • Precise Tamp System for uniform tamping and even flavor extraction
  • 15-bar high pressure pump
  • Programmable auto flow-stop system
  • Mess-free cake-ejection system and removable water tank

Reasons to choose Breville Infuser over Krups Espresso XP5280

Water Tank Capacity 61 fl. ozvs37 fl. oz
Steam Wand YesvsNo
Pressure Gauge YesvsNo
Hot Water Outlet YesvsNo
Programmable Buttons 2vs0
Pre-Infusion Function YesvsNo
Sleep Mode YesvsNo
Dry Puck Feature YesvsNo

Common Strengths of Breville Infuser and Krups Espresso XP5280

Integrated Water Filter YesvsYes
Uses Ground Coffee YesvsYes
Cup Warmer YesvsYes
Breville Infuser Krups Espresso XP5280

Breville Infuser vs Krups Espresso XP5280 Specs Table

Feature Breville Infuser Krups Espresso XP5280
Type Semi-Automatic Manual
Integrated Grinder
Uses Ground Coffee
Pressure Guage
Has Steam Wand
Steam Wand Type Commercial Pannarello
58 mm Portafilter
Portafilter Size 54 mm
Cup Warmer
Water Tank Capacity 61 fl. oz 37 fl. oz
Integrated Water Filter
Hot Water Outlet
Removable Water Tank
PID Control
Number of Programmable Buttons 2 0
3-Way Valve
Shot Timer
Pre-Infusion Function
Can Brew and Steam Simultaneously
LCD Screen
Auto Milk Frother
Drip Tray Indicator
Dry Puck
Sleep Mode
Cleaning Alert
Dimensions 13.7″(H) x 11.5″(W) x 13.2″(L)
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