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By Daniel Lobo (Bombón)

Café bombón is a hot espresso drink which is originated from Spain. It is made by adding a shot of espresso to sweetened condensed milk or in reverse order. The ratio is one to one. The important thing is the beauty of the visual appearance, so it is best served in a glass cup to show the partition between the condensed milk and the coffee.
To make it at home you need espresso and sweetened condensed milk, that is all. You can use ready-to-use sweetened condensed milk or make yours easily at home. Here is a recipe you can use for making it yourself.

Here are the steps:

  • Extract the espresso shots directly into glass cups for coffee. Do not use too wide cups. Cordial glasses are great too.
  • Fill the cups with the sweetened condensed milk very slowly and carefully, so you get the layering effect.

This is how it is done but, I find it easier to first fill the glass with the condensed milk and then add the espresso slowly, so it is your choice.
Serve it showing layers but stir before consuming it.

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